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What to Wear for Christmas Holiday Photos


August 10, 2020


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With holiday mini sessions steadily approaching, I know there’s a lot of pressure to find the perfect outfit to wear for Christmas shoots, especially if you’re shopping for couples outfits or for a family. Coordinating multiple looks can be daunting, but when done right, pays off! For my clients, I always provide an in-depth style guide that can lead them through coordinating color schemes and choosing the most flattering outfits for their sessions. However, I thought it could be beneficial to provide some information for photos geared specifically towards the holidays, because why not go all out for Christmas photos?? So, if you’re wondering what to wear for your Christmas Holiday photos this year, this post is for you! I hope you find it helpful!


Before we start with the styled color schemes, I want to share some general style tips and information for styling that’s included in my style guide. These are things I’ve learned throughout my time behind, and in front of, the camera.


  1. Go for a long and flowy dress! They’re flattering on all body types, look incredible when photographed and add dimension and movement to your photos.
  2. When choosing shoes, look for a close-toed heel. Heels help to elongate women’s legs and keep tension in the calves (who doesn’t want toned calves??). Close-toed shoes are especially great because they carry out the length of your leg all the way to your toes, making your legs look longer!! But if your dress is long and you won’t see them, save your feet and go for a flat or sandal…your toes will thank you!
  3. SKIP THE SPRAY TAN. I don’t mean to yell…but spray tans do no favors in photos. They give the skin an unnatural orange tint, which is not the glowy look we’re going for! Embrace your inner Anne Hathaway.
  4. Get your hair and makeup done professionally. I feel like this is pretty understandable, pros know what they’re doing and get paid to make you look (and feel) your best. If you’re investing in your photos, do this to really elevate the look of your final product.


  1. For men, blazers, long sleeves, and long pants are more flattering on camera as opposed to short sleeves and pants. They also look more classy and professional.
  2. Get your suits fitted. Having a properly fitted suit will look a million times better on camera.
  3. Stay away from bold patterned and striped tops. We want the attention on you! If you’re wanting to mix in a pattern, keep it on the pants or in a pop of a bowtie.

Now, let’s get to the holiday-themed looks! Throughout this post, I’ll break down different looks and color combinations that I know pair, and will photography, nicely. I have also provided some quick click links for outfit options, and online shops where you can find similar pieces—Vogue style 😉! I am in no way affiliated with the links provided, I just want to take the guess work out for you guys so you feel confident and dressed to the NINES when you roll up to your session!

The Classic

Classic Christmas Holiday photo outfit with red dress and black suit

This is truly a classic look that will never go out of style for Christmas photos! The red adds a pop of color, and the black is simply stated and sharp. It’s also nice because most guys have these staple items (black dress pants and white button-down), so it’ll cut the cost of your outfit pieces! More money to splurge on the perfect dress? 😬

Ladies: For this look, find a bright or true red dress and pair it with a black or gold heel. If you want to throw in some more texture, look for dresses with lace overlays, silk, or sheen. Easily accessorize with gold earrings or a simple necklace.

Dress: 1 2 3

Men: Black dress pants and a crisp white button-down is all you need to compliment the look of the red dress. If you want to spice it up a little, throw in a holiday plaid bowtie and a blazer! You can’t go wrong with some red plaid…

Black Dress Pants: 1 2 3

White Button Up: 1 2 3

Bowtie: 1 2 3

Children: If you’ve got a little munchkin, keep it simple. Go for a white onesie, textured red outfit, or some overalls to stick to the sophisticated look. It’s best to vary the colors throughout the outfits so your eye bounces through the photo (like with pop of red in the bowtie).

Timeless & True

Timeless Christmas Holiday photo outfit with burgundy dress and navy suit

This is probably one of my favorite looks, it says “holiday” without being too over the top Christmas-y. The burgundy is a muted holiday color and feels royal and timeless paired with navy.

Ladies: A long and flowy burgundy, merlot, or deep red dress with a gold or nude heel is simple stated and elegant for your holiday photos. Long sleeve, short, or halter will all look beautiful in this color! I recommend a maxi dress if the man is planning to wear a suit.

Dress: 1 2 3

Men: Navy blue dress pants paired with a crisp white button-down compliment the dress color perfectly. If you want to add some interest and tie everything together, throw in a silk, or a textured tie that matches the dress. Shop for this added accessory after you’ve received the dress so you can be sure the colors will complement one another. If you want to really elevate this look, bring the matching blazer for a few shots!

Navy Dress Pants: 1 2 3

White Button Up: 1 2 3

Tie: 1 2 3

Children: For a girl, a white or navy dress would coordinate well with the looks. For a boy, he could match dad or incorporate a little burgundy bow tie or suspenders with matching pants!

The Trendsetter

Trendy and chic Christmas Holiday photo outfit coordinating with navy dress and plaid pants

If you’re looking to be a little more trendy, go for a bold navy and green, or red and navy plaid pant! This is definitely more fashion-forward, and if you’re not afraid of standing out, this is your gig!

Ladies: Offset the bold look of your partner’s statement pants by wearing a solid colored dress! Add interest with a high slit and shiny heel.

Dress: 1 2 3

Men: Pair a bold patterned & plaid pant with a crisp white shirt! Cuff the sleeves a few rolls for a more relaxed look. Throw in a bowtie if you’re really trying to be a trendsetter!

Plaid Pants: 1 2 3

White Button Up: 1 2 3

Children: a simple white or navy outfit would complement these two well! Or bring in the plaid with a bowtie for a little boy!

Champagne Class

Classy Christmas Holiday photo outfit coordinating with champagne dress and navy suit

I’m calling this look “champagne class” because it just screams sophisticated and elegant. I also feel like it speaks to not only Christmas but New Years!

Ladies: A silk champagne or ivory dress elevates the feel of this look. Pair it with a nude or gold heel and some minimal earrings! Let the texture steal the show because this silk fabric will really bounce the light!

Dress: 1 2 3

Men: A navy suit takes this look to the next level! If you don’t want to wear the coat, just rock the ivory long sleeve button-down alone, but I love the sophistication of a blazer paired with a dress like this. Throw in a silk champagne bowtie and the look is complete.

Navy Dress Pants: 1 2 3

Ivory Button Up: 1 2 3

Champagne Bowtie: 1 2 3

Children: For the girl’s look, try a navy or ivory dress. A boy can wear an outfit that matches dad or khaki and ivory.

Christmas Spirit

Christmas Holiday photo outfit coordinating with emerald green dress and khaki pants with plaid bowtie

This is the look you were waiting for…the one that really says, it’s Christmas!!!

Ladies: Find an emerald or jewel-toned green dress and pair it with gold, nude, or sparkly heels! A big gold or dangle earring would be really cute with this dress! Green and gold were made for each other 💁

Dress: 1 2 3

Men: A nice pair of khakis and a crisp white button-down shirt is simple and coordinates nicely with the depth of the green dress. Throw in a Christmas pop with a red and green plaid tie/bowtie!

Khaki Pants: 1 2 3

White Button Up: 1 2 3

Plaid Tie/Bowtie: 1 2 3

Children: A girl could wear a red dress that matches the red tone from the tie. A boy could pair khakis and a red/green shirt or an outfit like dad!

Accessories for the Pups

I LOVE when couples want to incorporate their pups into their photo sessions. So if you’re bringing your furry friends along, or just want an excuse to buy them some new things for the holidays, here are some links to cute accessories.

Christmas holiday dog bandana ideas

1 2 3 4 5 6

Final Note

I hope you guys found this helpful in planning this year’s Christmas outfits! There are so many combinations of outfits and colors, so explore what feels good to you, the list does not stop here. Just know, you will look the best in photos when you feel comfortable and true to yourself! Happy shopping! ❤️

What to Wear for Christmas Holiday Photos

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